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Music concepts
Artist Development

You are looking for the right artist(s) for your event, concert, festival or Media outlet ?

You need music concepts for events , advertisement, movie or TV series ?

Within our network we deliver creative services and production houses in Germany, UK, Canada, Spain.

We are happy to deliver showreels and references of our composers and producers by request.

...and we're involved in Das Supertalent: Series 1 - now.... 



Yes, there is a market for your music abroad.

No, it doesn't matter which language you sing in, of which cultural background and heritage you are. Music is emotion, international, without borders and worldwide (if not universal !). The international network and associates in many territories offer country-by-country or regional services. This starts with evaluating the options for your track and continues to tailor-made marekting concepts for whole regions. 


Over 20 years of experience in A&R, Product Management, Marketing and International Marketing. Independent and Major Industry. This experience and "the artist always comes first" guarantees a unique, focussed and creative management service for artists, bands, writers and producers.

We are not afraid of going the tougher way, establishing niche market artists to the mass market.

As artists have their very own style, specific ways to launch their music are necessary.


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